A Backup Generator Adds Value To Your Home.

Potential homebuyers appreciate seeing a backup generator on the house listing specs. Like most significant capital improvements, adding a backup generator in your home is sure to increase its resale value. How much? Every neighborhood is different, but according to this data from remodling.hw.net, the average homeowner in this region recoups around 60% of the value of a backup generator in increased home value!

A Backup Generator Allows You To Have Peace Of Mind No Matter Where You Are.

A backup generator comes on automatically in the event of a power outage, so you don’t even have to be home to turn it on. That means you’re free to leave town for any amount of time without the stress of having to worry about what might happen to your home if there’s a power outage. Have peace of mind known that you’ll never return home to a fridge full of rotten food again.

The Price Of A Backup Generator Has Dropped Over The Past Decade.

In years past, a backup generator was often seen as a luxury item or something that only had industrial applications. Thanks in part to Generac making a strong push to provide an affordable alternative for use in homes; the price of a backup generator has dropped over the past decade. Today’s generators are more efficient and a better value than ever before.

A Backup Generator Helps Protect Your Family And Most Important Investments.

A power outage results in the loss of major utilities that you depend on every day. Running water, security systems, and anything else that depends on regular electricity is rendered useless if the power goes out. A backup generator can ensure that your family is safe and warm when snowstorms take out the power in the winter months.

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