Generator costs can vary quite a bit depending on the application. Portable home generators that need to be rolled out of your garage and pull-started are obviously significantly cheaper than large industrial generators meant to power entire buildings. Even home generator costs can vary quite a bit. Below we explore the biggest factors in determining the cost of a generator.

Generator Cost Greatly Depends On Home Size Load Requirements.

When trying to determine which generator is going to be the right fit for our client, the first thing we do is calculate the amount of power they are going to need in the event of an outage. Power requirements depend mostly on the size of the house and the client’s preferences. A larger house requires more power, and the client has to determine which appliances they want to be powered by the generator. Should the generator power the entire house or will you only need to supply backup power to a few essential circuits like the refrigerator, running water, heat and alarm systems? These are the most important questions to consider when trying to create a budget, though a few smaller factors like fuel type and location also have a small impact on generator cost.

How Can You Accurately Estimate Generator Cost?

The best way to get an accurate estimate of what your generator will cost is to call and chat with an expert at The Power Connection. We offer completely cost-free and commitment-free estimates and encourage anyone interested in purchasing a generator to call and get more information to help with their decision. Our friendly and professional staff will help you calculate load requirements and show you a list of the best possible generator options that fit within your budget.

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