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Generators provide backup power to keep you humming. But what provides power to the generator? Common options are Natural Gas, Propane, and Diesel. Each comes with its benefits and drawbacks, so it’s good to get to know your options before you decide.

Start With your Unique Situation – What Do You Need From Fuel?

  • The main considerations when deciding between propane and diesel-fueled generators are:
  • availability of the fuel
  • storage options
  • how frequently the generator needs to be refueled
  • power load of the generator

How you answer these questions will inform the best fuel type to choose when purchasing a generator.

Natural Gas Provides Economy When It’s Readily Available.

When a natural gas line is present, fuel storage is not an issue. A natural gas fuel supply is consistent and worry-free. However, since natural gas is available through a network of gas lines, this option may not be readily available in your area. Determine your proximity to a natural gas line before making a natural gas fueled generator purchase.

Propane Boasts A Long Shelf Life.

Stable for long periods of time, if your generator won’t run often then propane may be a good choice. However, propane generators may have a higher maintenance cost. Propane is clean burning and more emission compliant than other fuels. Of course, you are also storing flammable gas in a pressurized container, so the pros and cons must be considered in each specific to your situation.

Diesel Generates Large Power Loads.

Motor loads requiring more torque from the engine to get started or if there are a lot of motors on the system, then diesel provides a strong fuel option. On the other hand, diesel has an 18 to 24-month shelf life. If your generator runs frequently, then this is not such a concern. Diesel is the least flammable fuel source available. Emissions are regulated, making diesel a good option.

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