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We at The Power Connection want to establish value for our customers from the start. We have been in the generator industry for a long time and have honed our generator design skills to generate peace of mind. We maintain certifications to properly handle electrical connections. All aspects of generator design and installation are done in-house, for control over the quality of the work and the process.

1. Start with the purpose of the generator. What’s the load? The power you need is usually determined by the application and duration your job will require. Agricultural, industrial, and residential applications have unique needs.
2. Based on the performance you want, take a look at where your budget fits in the spectrum of options. Size, capacity, and duration all factor into the price. Talk with an expert about required features and any additional options that may affect the price. Generator load requirements are affected if you have a gas water heater vs electric or if you’ve got a wood stove. We take all of the external factors into consideration when drafting an estimate for how much your generator costs.
3. Walk your property to find an ideal location for the generator. Determining placement is an integral part of the custom generator design. Proper placement maximizes the functionality of the generator and comfort of your family, customers, or animals. Generator fuel storage also factors into where the generator can be located. Knowing what you have to work with helps in making informed decisions about locating your generator.
4. Choose certified installation to activate the generator’s warranty. Certified installers are manufacturer trained for professional and accurate service that supports your warranty. We have worked with the Valley’s power companies for decades. Our healthy relationships ensure your generator installation is a timely procedure with cooperation from the power companies.

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The Power Connection listens to what kind of backup power you need and provides expert custom generator designs.

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