Rental Generators Power Weddings, Concerts, Festivals and More!

A rental generator lets you celebrate special events, host fundraisers, and listen to live music outside. At The Power Connection we’re so proud to support the Harrisonburg Food Truck Fest to benefit Open Doors, a local nonprofit committed to finding and providing shelter for our area’s homeless population. We supply generators to power and support more than 15 food trucks and three bands. Our product and support is pivotal to helping make this event such a success! Here are the elements we consider to ensure you get the right rental generator for your event.

our rental generator fleet
  • What Are You Powering: Do you need to power a band, catering tent, or even both? Are we powering ovens or just food warmers? How many microphones do you need to power?
  • Where Do You Need Power: We look at your venue to determine the best location for your power source. The closer we can put your generator to what we’re powering, the best!
  • Noise: After reviewing your site, we factor in the decibel rating of each generator. We ensure it’s not too loud as to negatively impact your event. We have quiet generators ready to power your party.

The Power Connection Fuels Fun In Virginia!

We play a role in making your event or celebration a success; that’s one of the best things we do. We handle every element of your rental generator needs. We design, size, deliver, install, and uninstall your rental generator, keeping your responsibilities minimal. Our next community project is providing power to the K9 for Warriors Adventure Race on June 23rd. We’re your source for exciting events and celebrations in the Shenandoah Valley; we hope to see you there! Contact a member of our team to learn more about the products and services TPC provides to your local community!

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