New Regulations Make Emergency Generators A Priority.

Emergency generators play an important role in keeping the elderly safe when the power goes out. When Hurricane Irma hit Florida in September of 2017, many nursing home facilities lost power. With the air conditioning systems out of service, eight residents at one particular home died after three days spent in the heat. Additionally, four residents died of excessive heat exposure after the facility was evacuated. In response to these incidents, the Governor of Florida introduced new legislation with specific regulations for emergency generators. All nursing homes in the state with over 17 beds must have a backup generator dedicated to their AC systems and enough fuel to run all backup generators for 72 hours after a power outage. While Florida is the first state to implement such legislation, it won’t be the last. Lawmakers all over the country are calling for similar laws in their own states.

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Emergency Generators Can Help Save Lives.

Emergency generators fuel power to run important elements of any healthcare facility. Here are a few areas where a backup generator is pivotal to keeping seniors safe and healthy when the power goes out:

  • Air Conditioning: Air conditioning isn’t just for comfort, it actually plays an important role in keeping our elderly healthy. Seniors have weaker immune systems, making heat-stroke and dehydration the number one cause of hospital visits for seniors during the summer.
  • Refrigerators: Many medications need to be refrigerated and do not work properly or go bad if they’re not kept cold.
  • Medical Devices: Many pivotal pieces of medical equipment need power to operate, including: some oxygen apparatus’, dialysis machines, and breathing machines.

Start Thinking About And Planning For Backup Power.

While Virginia hasn’t enacted the same legislation as Florida, it’s not a bad idea to start thinking about your’s or a loved one’s needs. Planning appropriately helps mitigate stress if the power goes out either at home or at your nursing facility. The Power Connection has the expertise to provide top notch generator recommendations, installation, and maintenance. Working with professionals ensures you account for all parameters in your set-up.

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