Generators Can Fail, But They’re Not Always The Culprit.

Generators are modern, sophisticated systems that have been engineered to function when other systems fail. While they can certainly breakdown and malfunction, 9 times out of 10, we find that most generator repair calls we receive turn out to be a failure of an element other than the generator. Here are the three most common elements that affect your generator’s performance:

  • Fuel Systems: Diesel fuel can become contaminated, especially if it sits for any period of time. Fuel that’s contaminated or sits too long can clog filters within the generator and plug up the system.
  • Connections: The components connecting your generator to your home can corrode, rust, or just be dirty. This will affect the performance of your generator.
    Primary Power. We frequently get calls from people asking us why their generator turned on because they didn’t realize their primary power was out. Generators turn on when the sensors within the unit determine there is an unreliable power source coming into your home or business. Voltage that is too high or low is often the culprit.
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Preventative Maintenance Checks The Generator, Fuel, And Connections.

Our 78 point inspection includes an analysis of all components running in and out of your generator. Consider it comparable to an oil change for your car. Plan on having your generator inspected yearly to keep it running in peak performance for years to come. If you do have a problem, our 24/7 emergency service provides peace of mind.

Our Area Experts Are Your Failsafe.

When you get a generator from The Power Connection, you’ve got a partner for the life of your unit. We’ll troubleshoot issues over the phone, send out one of our experienced technicians, and ensure you have power when you need it most. No matter if your generator fuels a nursing home, farm, or your home, your comfort and safety are our first priority.

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