Generators For Healthcare Keep Critical Systems In Place.

Generators for healthcare are pivotal in keeping medications refrigerated, medical devices running, and the lights on. While these are just a few elements critical to doctors offices, pharmacies, and labs, there are many more reasons why a generator is important to the healthcare industry. Hospitals, for instance, require a failure rate of zero for their generators and require multiple backup systems as a failsafe. For smaller facilities like pharmacies and doctors offices, we install traditional generators with remote monitoring so we’re alerted immediately if something isn’t working properly.

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Do Your Patients And Clients Depend On You?

Modern living requires modern and sophisticated amenities. Here are some reasons why standby generators are pivotal to the healthcare industry:

  • Keeping Medications Viable: Most medications lose their potency or can cause stomach or kidney damage if exposed to temperatures exceeding 86 degrees or kept out of the refrigerator. During the summer, a cabinet in a closed building can easily reach those temperatures.
  • Lab Samples: Many lab samples require constant refrigeration within specific temperature ranges. Ensure your practice doesn’t have to procure more samples in the event of a power outage.
  • Medical Devices: Dialysis equipment, ventilators, and even lifts often require electricity to run. These items play important roles in clinics and nursing homes.

A standby generator is an important investment in the health of your patients and practice. Ensure you’re prepared when the unexpected happens.

You Can Depend On The Power Connection.

At The Power Connection we’ve been designing, installing and maintaining generator systems to help area healthcare facilities keep their medications cool, patients healthy, and lab work safe and secure. Our 72 point inspections ensure your unit is ready to run if the power stalls. Contact a member of our experienced team to discuss your options.

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