Backup Generators Power Hospitals, Factories, And Even Fish Tanks!

Backup generators are an important component to keeping pivotal infrastructure in place. They can also play an important role in powering passions and hobbies. One of our favorite generator stories comes from a couple of amateur aquarists we work within Western Albemarle County. After losing their primary source of power, their generator had a major malfunction which left them completely without power. With nine aquariums containing a variety of rare fish, plants, and snails, they needed power as soon as possible. Knowing their rural location put them at the end of the line for power restoration, they called Jim Landis at The Power Connection. Jim sent Tyler out to diagnose the problem. Tyler determined the unit required parts not normally in stock anywhere close so they would have to be ordered. Our customers knew that meant their treasured fish, snails, and plants would most certainly die without the filtration and heating elements necessary to stabilize the tanks. With this information in hand, Tyler and the team at The Power Connection delivered and set-up a rental generator to provide power until the replacement parts arrived. Our clients didn’t lose a fish, plant or snail and couldn’t have been happier.

Jim Landis of The Power Connection

What Does This Story Mean?

This story is one of our favorites and affirms the values and promises we make to our clients every day. Here’s what you get when you work with The Power Connection:

  • Quick Service: We strive to get to every job as soon as possible to ensure your home and business has power when you need it.
  • Personable Support: Our technicians listen to the needs of our clients and make every effort to get their units up and running as quickly as possible.

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