Emergency Generators Keep Your Community Safe If The Power Goes Out.

Emergency generators are an important component of keeping your community running. Major infrastructure requires power to provide much-needed services. Here are the top four components of your city or county you want to have a backup generator:

  • Healthcare: Every hospital needs a generator or multiple generators to fuel important medical devices, keep medicines and lab work at the appropriate temperature and keep our loved ones safe. Generators cannot fail in hospitals and so multiple backup systems are in place to ensure everything functions as expected. Most small doctor’s offices should also have generators to keep lab work and medications viable.
  • Water Treatment Plants: As Americans, we often take safe drinking water for granted. Most municipalities have treatment plants to process, filter, and sanitize the water coming out of our taps. Those plants need consistent power to run sanitation systems and process wastewater.
  • Communications: Communication towers provide the connection for 911 call centers and regular, everyday communication. They provide contact between those call centers and Fire and Rescue services. They need power to run so emergency systems can stay in place.
  • Data Centers: We don’t have large scale data centers in Harrisonburg, but many small businesses run multiple servers that require power to operate. Keeping information on the cloud is great storage until you can’t access it!

generac generators in harrisonburg virginia

The Power Connection Keeps Critical Systems Connected.

We provide comprehensive generator solutions to businesses, municipalities, farms, and residences in Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. Our experienced team walks you through the details from estimate to installation and schedules preventative maintenance to ensure your unit functions when you need it most. Emergency generators protect you and your loved ones when the power goes out. Contact a member of our team to learn more!

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