Follow Our Simple Guide Before You Call For Generator Repair.

Generators are designed to provide power during times of instability. They’re durable, dependable, and hardworking components of pivotal infrastructure. While they can fail, they’re rarely at fault when we get calls for generator repair. Here are the five things we recommend you check before you make the call:

  • Is Power Out In Your Area: Sometimes people call us because they hear the generator running, but don’t think their power went out. Call neighbors, check your breakers and see if there is electricity at your meter base. If your meter base has a blank screen, power is out.
  • Generator Won’t Run: If your generator hasn’t turned on when you expected it to, make sure it’s set to the “Automatic” position. Generators typically have three switches: on, off, and automatic. The automatic switch tells the generator to turn on when there’s a significant change in power into your home or business.
  • Check Fuel Source: If fuel is cared for, it will last several years. If water from condensation gets into the tank, algae can grow and cause significant complications. We recommend keeping your tank topped off which helps minimize contaminants.
  • Check For Debris And Rodents: Trash, tree limbs, and brush can all be sucked into your generator causing complications. Walk the surrounding area and look for an excess brush. Check that critters haven’t gotten into the generator or chewed through cords.
  • It Still Won’t Run: Check the message board on the controller to your generator prior to calling our experienced team. Take a picture of the message board with your phone that you can email or text to us to troubleshoot.
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