What Do You Know About Transfer Switches?

A transfer switch is more complex than its simple name indicates. According to Wikipedia, a transfer switch is an electrical switch that switches a power load between two sources. Some are manual and some are automatic. In the case of generators, most current equipment we estimate and install have automatic transfer switches integrated into their systems. There are two primary reasons why a transfer switch will turn on your generator:

  • No Power: When you lose power, your generator automatically turns on to reinstate power where you need it.
  • Power Fluctuations: If there is too much or too little power running into your home or business, your generator will turn on to create a consistent load you can depend on.

At the core of your generator and transfer switch is a sensor constantly monitoring power into your home or business. Once the sensor detects regular power has been reinstated or stabilized, the transfer switch switches power back to your primary source and, after cooling, the generator shuts down.

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Industry Innovation Keeps Expanding.

Sophisticated systems are put in place for large scale apartment complexes or office parks. When one power system fuels an entire area, but each resident receives their own electric bills, transfer switches need to talk to one another. The primary transfer switch has to communicate to the other switches to turn on and activate the power.

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