Be Prepared For Your Generator Estimate.

Getting a generator estimate is the first step to experiencing guaranteed power 24/7. Being prepared to answer and/or discuss questions related to your estimate will expedite the process and keep everybody informed. Here are the top five topics we discuss when visiting your site and estimating generators for our clients:

  • What Do You Want To Back-Up? The first step to ensuring you get an accurate estimate is determining what you want to back-up. Do you want to back-up air conditioning, lights, and computers or do you just need to back-up heavy-duty machinery for manufacturing?
  • What’s Your Best Fuel Source? What’s the best option for your house or business? Do you have access to diesel, LP or natural gas? Do you have an above ground tank ready to be used or do we need to get the proper fuel for your location?
  • Where Do You Want Your Generator? While we’ll ensure your generator is in a location that meets the code requirements of your area, let us know where you think it would work best? This helps us determine if we need to tear up asphalt or rent a crane to place the unit on top of a building.
  • Where Can We Connect? All generators need to be connected to the primary electrical source. Where is that located? How can we get to it?
  • What Is Your Budget? We’re happy to work with everybody, but it’s helpful to know your budget prior to starting the project.

When we educate our clients on the process and parameters of their generator installation, they experience peace of mind throughout the project. Our detailed process includes a site visit to learn about your needs and the systems you need to fuel. Contact a member of our team to get started today.

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Are You Ready For A Generator Estimate?