The Aspects That Factor Into The Price Of Your Standby Generator.

Standby generators provide great backup power for homes, industrial businesses, and agricultural operations. There are many elements to consider when planning for your generator and many of those elements factor into its price. Here is a breakdown of aspects that affect the price of your generator:

  • Size: Size factors into the pricing on all generators, no matter their location. The bigger the unit, the more expensive. At The Power Connection, we custom design commercial generators to account for the specific needs of your unique operation. For simpler projects, frequently residential, we have units on our shelves ready for installation.
  • Decibels: The decibel rating of your generator also affects the price. Quieter units will typically be more expensive than those with a higher decibel rating. If you use an outdoor space near your generator, let your estimator know so he can take that into consideration when pricing your unit.
  • Space: If the space for your generator is especially tight, you might require a smaller generator or, even, a specialized unit. Specialized units tend to be more expensive. Tight spaces may also increase the cost of installation.
  • Capacity: How long do you need your generator to fuel power? Do you need it to last a week or just a day? Are you maintaining agricultural operations or your family’s comfort? The bigger the tank’s capacity, the more expensive.

Understanding the range of options helps you develop a set of expectations for your generator. Being prepared for what we discuss when making a site visit will also help streamline your experience.

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