Standby Generators Fuel Sustainable, Low Impact Living.

A standby generator is critical to fueling comfortable living when you go off-the-grid. There are two primary reasons you need a standby generator for your remote location:

  • No Power Lines: If you’re building in a location without access to traditional electrical lines or if it will cost thousands of dollars to install electric to that location, a standby generator solves your problem perfectly.
  • Charge Batteries: For locations using solar power, generators are often the best method for charging batteries to use when the sun isn’t shining.
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Generac’s EcoGen Unit Is Designed For Off Grid Living.

Generac’s EcoGen unit was specifically designed to charge batteries for an off-the-grid living. Running exclusively on LP, the EcoGen unit integrates into existing inverter and battery storage systems for seamless transfers of power. Here are the features that make it ideal for your application:

  • Evolution Controller: Features a multilingual, two-line LCD text display with backlit buttons.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator: Monitors electrical demand and reduces engine speed to ensure an output of 60Hz. You’ll get especially clean power registering less than 2% THD.
  • Oil Reservoir: Provides additional capacity to stretch maintenance intervals.
  • Alternator: With three windings instead of two, the EcoGen’s alternator helps maintain 60 Hz output, even at lower speeds.
  • Skewed Stator: Creates smooth output to work with sensitive electronics.
    Resonator: The resonator minimizes sound levels of your generator.

We Design Systems For Off-The-Grid Applications.

We’ve been fortunate to design generator systems for off-the-grid living in West Virginia. By coordinating your system’s design with the solar and battery distributors you choose, we create seamless systems you can count on. Check out our guide to the list of topics we’ll discuss when you contact the experienced team at The Power Connection to get your generator quoted!

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