Generators Fuel Cities, Factories, And So Much More!

The first generator was invented by Michael Faraday after he discovered electromagnetic induction in 1831.

New Regulations for Standby Generators For Nursing Homes.

As of July 1st, 2018, Florida has enacted legislation regulating the use of standby generators in nursing homes.

4 Pro Tips For Generator Design.

We at The Power Connection want to establish value for our customers from the start. We have been in the generator industry for a long time and have honed our generator design skills to generate peace of mind.

Be Ready With Regular Generator Maintenance.

Just like a car, regular maintenance of your generator keeps it running smoothly and maximizes the lifespan of the unit. From oil changes to fluid levels, your generator requires regular tune-ups to ensure it works properly when fired up.

Are New Generators Worth The Bells And Whistles?

Smart technology offers legitimate benefits to our clients at The Power Connection. We carry Generac generators because of their high quality construction and their dependable warranty.

Top 5 Benefits of Industrial Generators

Businesses need power to perform. Securing a backup power source for unexpected outages keeps your business running. Industrial generators are an investment in your company. The Power Connection specializes in custom generator solutions to meet your unique needs.

Here are our Top 5 Benefits of Industrial Generators:

1. Seamlessly do business whether you have primary power or not. From retail to healthcare, smooth operations promote stability and calm. Industrial generators allow you to carry out your business with minimal interruption in a power outage. As a Generac certified dealer, The Power Connection offers custom design and professional installation for the continual operation of your business.

2. Employees don’t lose shifts that support their livelihoods. Taking care of your people is hallmark of your business. When the power is on, employees can work with the assurance of a paycheck. The comfort a generator delivers complements the usefulness of being able to stay open.

3. Keep inventory from spoiling. When you rely on refrigeration or heat to maintain temperature-sensitive inventory, a backup generator can save you a great deal of headache and money. If you are in the healthcare industry, you know that keeping the power on can save lives.

4. You make money when the lights are on. It’s hard to do business in the dark! Keep the lights on with a backup generator custom designed for the power needs of your business. A well-lit business is a beacon of stability in a power outage.

5. Peace of mind is priceless. Knowing you have a backup solution in place in the case of an emergency means you’ve planned for a rainy (or snowy or stormy) day! Take a deep breath in an outage because you are covered. We offer regular maintenance plans to keep your generator ready for action at a moment’s notice.

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