Enjoy Working With Generator Experts Who Take Time To Understand Your Specific Needs.

When it comes to choosing a generator, it’s important to work with experts who take your specific needs for a backup power supply into consideration. Your goals drive our estimates. If you don’t want to experience any inconveniences during an outage, you may require a generator that can provide power to your entire home. Or you may only want to keep on the bare essentials like heat, air conditioning, running water and telephones in case of an emergency. Our generator experts ask the right questions during the fact-finding process to ensure that we understand exactly what you need.

The Power Connection Creates Custom Generator Solutions To Fit Your Budget and Lifestyle.

Everyone has different needs, preferences and budgets for their backup power solution. At The Power Connection, we strive to create a custom generator solution to meet your specific needs and budget. Whether you need to supply backup power to an entire home during an outage or just a few circuits, we have the generator to get the job done.

Lots Of Local Experience Helps Us Provide A Solution For Any Application.

The team at The Power Connection is staffed with local experts who are experienced at providing custom backup power solutions for residential, industrial and agricultural clients to every job. From large entities like farms, poultry coops, financial institutions, and industrial warehouses, to smaller single-family homes, we have installed and repaired generators in every setting. We value long-term relationships with our clients and strive to provide the highest quality installation, support and service in the Valley.

Generac Generators Provide Backup Power When You Need It Most.

Backup power is like insurance. You don’t need it all the time, but when you do need it you’re really glad to have it! Whether it’s high-speed winds, a torrential storm or an accident that takes out your power, a backup generator is there to provide electricity to your home when the electric company can’t.

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