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The weather is calling for a storm this weekend. How do I prepare for an anticipated need?

The weather is calling for a storm this weekend. How do I prepare for an anticipated need?
We recommend exercising your generator’s normal functions regularly, once a week or every few weeks depending on the setting. If you are anticipating a need, check your generator for any warning or lights indicating that it might be down. If you have questions, contact us immediately.

What is a transfer switch?

A transfer switch is a mechanism that switches a load between two sources like a backup generator and the electric utility. Some transfer switches are manual – you have to physically flip a switch to initiate the transfer. Others are automatic and switch when they sense one of the sources has lost or gained power.

As well as transferring the load to the backup generator, an automatic transfer switch (ATS) may also command the backup generator to start, based on the voltage monitored on the primary supply. The transfer switch ensures that power from the generator is isolated while it’s running.

What does a generator cost?

There are many factors that determine the price of a generator including size, function, load requirements and fuel sources. For example, simple home generators can drastically range in price depending on whether or not they need to supply power to an entire house or just a few essential circuits in a time of need. We are happy to assess your needs and deliver estimates for different price points.

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