To Be Dependable, Emergency Services Need An Emergency Generator.

The Power Connection is your source for an emergency generator. As a local company, we value our emergency services for their commitment to keeping our community safe and healthy. Our fire departments, police power, and EMT services save lives. Standby emergency generators are an important component of these organizations. If you lose power, our emergency generators respond within seconds without compromising your equipment or products necessary to perform your services. Contact a member of our team to learn more about how our business can help you and our community.

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Custom Generator Design And Installation Ensures Your Backup Will Work With Your Setup.

With decades of experience sizing, installing, maintaining, and repairing generators, The Power Connection knows what models work best for your application and the modifications necessary to ensure your unit operates in the manner intended. We are industry experts in providing generator solutions to clients in Virginia. Trust your next project to the company with the experience and skills to get the job done.

You Can Depend On Personable And Professional Support When The Power Connection Is Your Partner.

When you partner with The Power Connection, you partner with local experts in providing backup power with a standby generator. Our professionals provide industrial generator sales, support, maintenance and repair services on which you can depend. Ensure you have emergency power when your community needs you and choose The Power Connection as your source professional resource.

Keep Your Business In Your Community And Partner With The Power Connection.

At The Power Connection, we understand the pivotal role played by our first responders. We do not take their important services for granted. Comprehensive services ensure you can depend on your generator when you most need it to perform. We make every effort to work with the budget and timeline our clients provide. Contact a member of our team to discuss your emergency generator options.

Are You Ready For Your Emergency Generator?

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Generators Protect Large Agricultural Operations.

Backup generators are critical to the agricultural community. When your livelihood depends on milking your cows and keeping your chickens cool, the investment in a backup generator is necessary.
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Be Ready With Regular Generator Maintenance.

Just like a car, regular maintenance of your generator keeps it running smoothly and maximizes the lifespan of the unit. From oil changes to fluid levels, your generator requires regular tune-ups to ensure it works properly when fired up.
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Home Generators Power Your Home During Storms.

A home generator provides peace of mind to homeowners in the Shenandoah Valley. From providing power for your plumbing and appliances to running your computers and printers, a backup generator is just the element necessary to keep your family comfortable and connected.
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TPC: Partners In Protecting Your Livelihood

At The Power Connection, we understand that your agricultural investments are the foundation of your business. Our generators provide the peace of mind necessary to maintain those investments during power outages.
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Are New Generators Worth The Bells And Whistles?

Smart technology offers legitimate benefits to our clients at The Power Connection. We carry Generac generators because of their high quality construction and their dependable warranty.
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Understanding The Costs And Benefits Of A Used Generator.

We’ve all been captivated by a great deal. Unfortunately, not long afterwards we start weighing the costs of that deal. When the costs start to add up, the deal can start to sour and we’re often left wanting.
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generac generators in harrisonburg