Keep Municipal Systems In Place With A Generac Generator.

At The Power Connection, we are proud to work with our local community providing Generac generators and support services for clients in Virginia. From sales to repair, our professionals have the industry expertise to get the job done and keep your facilities and systems operating when traditional systems are down. Power outages can result from changing weather patterns, automobile accidents, or an overload to the grid. When these situations occur, you lose the very systems you are responsible for keeping up and running. Contact a member of our team to get more information on why a Generac generator is ideal for your city or county.

generac generators in harrisonburg virginia

The Power Connection Is An Industry Expert In Keeping Cities Running.

As a community, we rely on our city and county government to keep systems in place that keep us healthy and economically viable. The Power Connection works with local administrators and facility managers to provide the backup power to maintain those systems during emergencies. We depend on those services as much as the rest of our community and consider our support an important component of facilitating services in our community.

Preventative Maintenance Ensures Your System Is Operational Within Seconds.

At The Power Connection, we provide preventative maintenance services to ensure your unit is operational when you need it most. Our experts service and repair any brand of generator, even if the unit was not purchased from us. Should you need a new generator, we are a premier Generac generator distributor in Virginia and recommend them for durability and consistency.

We Generate Peace Of Mind For The Whole Community.

Our products and services were developed to provide our clients with a reliable source for generator sales, installation, and maintenance. You don’t have to be an expert because we are. Let us do what we do best so you can focus on the community you represent. Contact a member of our team to discuss your options with a professional.

Are You Ready For Your Generac Generator?