Have Peace of Mind With Home Generators That Keep Your Family Safe During Bad Weather.

Most of us have fallen victim to a power outage during a bad thunderstorm or an excessive pileup of snow at least once or twice. Home generators allow you to maintain power to keep your family safe through the storm. Some people want to provide power to an entire home during an outage while others just want to keep the essentials like heat, water, and alarm systems running. No matter your specific needs and budget requirements, we can expertly guide you to the home generator that’s right for you.

Avoid The Inconvenience Of A Power Outage With A Home Generator From The Power Connection.

Losing power can be a major inconvenience. The clock starts ticking on the food in your refrigerator and freezer as soon as the power goes out. In addition to the hassle of losing everyday amenities like cable, internet and phone service, a power outage can sometimes even result in your toilets, sinks and showers not working (depending on how your water is configured). Home generators from The Power Connection allow you to avoid all of the inconveniences of a power outage and keep electricity flowing through your home even when the power company can’t.

Enjoy Working With Home Generator Experts From Purchase Through Installation.

Our home generator experts handle everything from start to finish. We help you calculate the load requirements based on your house size and power demands, show you a variety of product options and provide expert recommendations to find the right fit based on your specific needs. We also handle everything from building permits to inspections to ensure that you have a stress free process.

Our Simple Installation Process Ensures That You Get A Turnkey Product!

When we install home generators they are ready to go. We make sure that your generator is completely set up and that you know exactly how to use it before we leave.

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