Our Professional Staff Has Significant Experience Installing, Maintaining And Repairing Generators.

Enjoy working with a team of passionate, hard-working people who take pride in their products and company. The Power Connection team is committed to providing high-quality products and personalized attention that our clients have come to expect.

Jordan D. Rohrer

Owner and President

Jordan has been with The Power Connection since 2015. Before purchasing The Power Connection he was a dairy farmer for 16 years.

Jordan’s favorite part of the job is working with his team to achieve goals that benefit the community. He says he “enjoys knowing that because of the services that we offer, we can help protect our customers from inconvenience or loss during a difficult weather event or a power outage.”

During his free time, Jordan reads, hunts, and spends quality time with his family.

Bruce Shank

Bruce Shank

Installation Coordinator and Industrial Sales Representative

Bruce Shank has been with the power connection since 2003. He is a Class A Contractor that started in the industry in 1986 doing HVAC installation and design. In 2002 he made the move to generator installation.

Bruce’s favorite part about his work is providing quality design and installation for all of his customers. He also appreciates working with his team spirited co-workers.

In his free time he enjoys camping with his kids and bow-hunting elk out West.

Jim Landis

Jim Landis

Service Team Leader

Jim has been with The Power Connection since May of 2001. He has been repairing and servicing generators for 15 years and has coached and trained many technicians to do the same.

Jim likes that his job lets him use a variety of skill sets like coaching and problem solving, as well as giving him the satisfaction of helping someone get their back-up power back on.

When he isn’t running after-hours emergency calls, he enjoys building things and working on technical and mechanical projects. He also has fun playing guitar for his wife and three kids.

Lori Seal

Lori Seal

Human Resources & Office Manager

Lori has been with The Power Connection since 2015. Before coming to work in the power generation industry, she worked in office management and benefits administration for over 20 years and has also worked in several large government contracting companies in their engineering, marketing and contracts departments.

Lori enjoys the diversity that The Power Connection offers and being able to help the community when the power goes out. She enjoys working alongside her team to ensure the customer is taken care of in a timely and professional manner.

When she’s not keeping things in order at the office, she helps her family with their paperwork, hosts family dinners and always finds time to read a good book.

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