The Power Connection Generates Peace Of Mind With Industry-Leading Warranties On Generac Generators.

Over the past few decades, Generac has heavily invested in becoming the leading manufacturer of generators in the United States. Part of their commitment to being the best involves offering customers the industry’s most comprehensive standard warranties with options for adding extra coverage. A backup generator is a significant investment and Generac’s rock-solid warranty ensures that your investment is protected.

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Building Long Term Relationships With Clients Is Our Top Priority.

At The Power Connection, we are committed to client satisfaction and building long-lasting relationships. Our clients can count on us to provide personalized attention, one-on-one assistance, and expert emergency service around the clock. We understand that great relationships are based on trust earned by consistent, quality work and putting people first. Our friendly staff takes pleasure in getting to know our clients on a personal level and providing them with top-notch service.

The Power Connection Is A Company You Can Trust With A Great Reputation.

People are our top priority. We work hard to earn our clients’ trust and respect by being sensitive to their specific needs and being transparent about budget requirements. Our professional staff boasts decades of experience and a stellar reputation to back it up. Just take a look at our list of client testimonials if you’re interested in reading what people have to say about working with The Power Connection!

Enjoy Working With Experts Who Take Pride In Their Work.

We hold our employees to a very high standard of professionalism. By offering opportunities to succeed both on the job and outside work, encouraging wholesome community building activities and promoting people from within, we’ve created a team of hard working people who take great pride in their work.

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Latest News

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Aspects We Consider For Generators For Healthcare.

Generators for healthcare are pivotal in keeping medications refrigerated, medical devices running, and the lights on. While these are just a few elements critical to doctors offices, pharmacies, and labs, there are many more reasons why a generator is important to the healthcare industry.
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The 3 Things That Fail On Generators.

Generators are modern, sophisticated systems that have been engineered to function when other systems fail.
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Emergency Generators Keep Grandma’s Nursing Home Safe.

Emergency generators play an important role in keeping the elderly safe when the power goes out. When Hurricane Irma hit Florida in September of 2017, many nursing home facilities lost power.
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Having A Party? Our Rental Generators Power Outdoor Events.

A rental generator lets you celebrate special events, host fundraisers, and listen to live music outside.

4 Pro Tips For Generator Design.

We at The Power Connection want to establish value for our customers from the start. We have been in the generator industry for a long time and have honed our generator design skills to generate peace of mind.

Generators Keep You In Power.

Generators are a great option for families and businesses. It can be scary when your power goes out in the winter. Whether you lose power due to a storm or even an automobile accident, you need to stay warm and connected.
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Generators Protect Large Agricultural Operations.

Backup generators are critical to the agricultural community. When your livelihood depends on milking your cows and keeping your chickens cool, the investment in a backup generator is necessary.
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Be Ready With Regular Generator Maintenance.

Just like a car, regular maintenance of your generator keeps it running smoothly and maximizes the lifespan of the unit. From oil changes to fluid levels, your generator requires regular tune-ups to ensure it works properly when fired up.
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Home Generators Power Your Home During Storms.

A home generator provides peace of mind to homeowners in the Shenandoah Valley. From providing power for your plumbing and appliances to running your computers and printers, a backup generator is just the element necessary to keep your family comfortable and connected.